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This week's Bad Bitch of the Week may seem like an unlikely candidate, but chances are, she's actually way cooler than you. Baddie Winkle, aka the most famous grandma on the Internet, became an overnight sensation after her granddaughter set up an Instagram featuring her wearing rather controversial outfits for someone her age. Before you know it, she's hanging out with Nicole Richie, Gwen Stefani, and the cast of Orange is the New Black. She's making people smile, serving up some fashion inspiration, and definitely starting a conversation. 
She's turned into a celebrity with 1.4 million followers on IG and counting. Yes, she's verified. Through the help of the Internet and her granddaughter who serves as her stylist, she's landed awesome collaborations and sponsorships with brands. Baddie is modeling for some of the coolest brands and challenging the world of fashion. (We gotta get her wearing some Social Decay!) An 87 year old lady from Kentucky is such an unlikely style icon. That's part of what makes this all so awesome.
This weekend, she hit the red carpet in a Discount Universe dress and hung out with Miley Cyrus backstage. I didn't think it was possible to be envious of a 87 year old's current lifestyle, but it seems like she's got it MADE. When she's not busy modeling for Dimepiece LA or attending red carpet events, she's enjoying quality time with her loving, supportive family. She even makes time for church every Sunday (without ever outfit repeating).
Baddie is a bad bitch because, besides obvious reasons, she's proving to the world that age is nothing but a number. She's living her life to the fullest and enjoying the countless opportunities that have presented themselves to her. After a life of struggles, she's turned her pain and life experiences into a new identity of a fun loving woman who wants to be a role model to other older women, according to a recent interview with Refinery 29. All I can say is I hope I'm as bad and fabulous as Baddie is when I'm 87.


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