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6 Sun-Kissed Palettes to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

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The Spring Equinox marks the exact instant the sun crosses the celestial equator, AKA, the moment the center of the Sun is directly above the equator. The event–also called the vernal equinox–signifies the official beginning of spring! This year, it happens on March 20. You can click here to find out specifically when it'll be happening in your area. Even if you're not an astronomy buff, that's pretty cool–especially for us Social Sunday gals. We're always looking for more reasons to buy shimmery, beautiful makeup and now we've got another one! Keep reading for six sun-kissed palettes that'll help you celebrate the Spring Equinox and (hopefully) the warmer days to come.
Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash
(Photo from Ulta)
If you're looking for highlighter that's more subtle, this will be your new go-to! My personal favorite is the peachy color in the bottom left corner. I'm so pale that it's difficult to find a palette where I can make use of all of the colors, but this one fits the bill. These four aren't as pigmented as the rest of products on this list, but they still that extra something special to your cheeks...not to mention it's only $15. ;)
(Photo from Sephora)
The Too Faced Natural Face Palette is an all-for-one, one-for-all product. The bronzer, highlighter, and blush are at your disposal, babe. Sometimes I'm afraid makeup will smear my liquid foundation–even after I've set it–but the buildable, smooth formula works with you rather than against you. It's also cruelty-free, another added bonus we love to see!
(Photo from Sephora)
LADIES: If you haven't tried Huda's beauty line at Sephora, get ready for your life to be changed. Once I tried her Faux Filter liquid foundation and loose baking powder combo, I was a totally different woman. This gorgeous palette features nude colors that are redone with colors and textures that'll BLOW your mind! It combines that sun-kissed glow with hints of red, pink, and brown that can complement any makeup routine.
(Photo from Ulta)
The Morphe 8S Stellar looks like actual fairy dust, so if your makeup collection is craving something new and exciting, look no further. "Ultraviolet" and/or "Aurora" are just DYING for a night out on the town with a fierce cat eye paired with a sexy leather skirt–now you're picturing it and can't stop thinking about it, right? Hey, your tax refund is coming soon, no worries (unless you've been lucky enough to get yours already)! Treat yourself!
(Photo from Ulta)
SMASHBOX is a Sephora fan favorite for good reason—with rich pigments, versatile color choices, and a fabulous reputation to boot, what more could you want? You can achieve what they call the "just-cruised-down-the-coast" glow in a snap. This palette is recommended for chicas will darker skin tones. It's also made without parabens and phthalates, so you know harsh chemicals will NOT be bogging down your skin. What a relief!
(Photo from Ulta)
MAC has got you covered with three classic shades to light up your complexion and prep you for Vitamin D when those rays FINALLY emerge. Why stray from what you know works? Plus, with MAC, you can bet that what you're purchasing will definitely be worth the money. It has minimal fallout, too, so you won't be left with dreaded patches on your face that are impossible to remove without ruining your makeup (those are the worst, we know).
Know of any jaw-dropping glow palettes we're missing? Let us know in the comments!


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