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6 On-Trend Ideas To Spice Up Your Fall Manicure

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Helllooooo September! Although a part of us is still feeling some Summertime Sadness as we trade in our tube tops for an oversized sweater, we’re still excited for the fun fall fashion coming our way. A new season means new trends, including fresh manicure ideas. Here are six nail trends to try out this month if you're ready to graduate from a single color:
1. French Twist
A french manicure is in style all year ‘round. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner have been sporting modern takes on the classic look (see for yourself straight from her Instagram highlights). The deep arch of Kylie’s nail design creates an interesting look, while still maintaining the same classy energy we know and love of classic French manicures.
2. Tortoise Shellac
From hair barrettes to glasses frames, tortoise shell accessories have been super trendy in the last few months. Tortoise shell tips are great for autumn since the golden brown is a color you'll see on repeat over and over again throughout season. The pattern also adds a fall spice to any plain outfit so you can feel that warmth no matter your 'fit. 
3. Subtle Sparkle
If nails covered in chunky glitter is a bit too daunting for your everyday life, opt for a sheer coat of glitter over nude nails. You’ll end up with a dreamy, yet more wearable nail look that will have you feeling a little more sparkly than usual. 
4. Yay for Ombré
Why choose between two nail colors when you can have a beautiful blend of them both? There are endless color combos when it comes to ombré nails so experimenteven with bright “non-fall” colors like this mauve and magenta combination.
5. Go Graphic
If you’re doing your own nails, lines and geometric shapes are easy to create, and you can transform any mani into a playful, minimal look. You can use tape to get clean lines or a tiny nail brush.
6. Pretty in Pearl
Pearls have been a pretty big jewelry trend this year. Bring it into the fall by adding them to your mani! Super classy, yet still fun and the best part is you can learn how to do this one by a simple YouTube search.
What are your favorite manicure trends? Let us know in the comments!


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