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7 Halloween Makeup Ideas With Products You Already Own

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Halloween is right around the corner and we are hyped. We waited 365 days to ditch our 9-to-5 personas and dress up as whatever we want. Sure, this is the only day we can have fun getting into full costume; but we certainly don’t want to spend our whole paycheck to do so. What I'm really saying here is going out to buy a whole new 30-color palette just to create a look for one night shouldn’t have to be the move. Here are seven creative Halloween makeup ideas to try out that don’t require an extra trip to Sephora or Party City (or super-pro, YouTube-MUA skills).


1. Golden Greek Goddess
(Photo from BeautyByMariela)
Here’s your chance to bring back all the gold and bronze highlighters and eyeshadows you’ve been using this past summer. The golden Greek goddess makeup look is super glam and can be as minimal or as bold as you want it to be. As long as you have some shimmer, you can do the golden goddess look.


2. Leopard
(Photo from RS Beauty)
Another glam look but with a hint of fierce. Plus, Halloween makeup list without one feline look anyway? The whiskers and nose can all be done with black liner. The leopard spots are also easy to draw. All you have to do is draw squiggles that look like parentheses and dot the center with brown or gold. As for the rest of the face and eyes, stick to the browns and golds you own —go wild with the bronzer! The cat eyeliner is also a must.


3. Devil
If you want to go for something darker, a devil is another easy look to achieve. It’s all about reds and blacks here so whip out your black eyeliner and red lipstick. The thing with lipstick is that it’s versatile as hell. You can use your lipstick as blush and eyeshadow. Also, if it’s a liquid lipstick, the blush and eyeshadow will be extra long-lasting and pigmented.


4. Vampire
The vampire makeup look is another dark option. A dark, matte purple, burgundy, or black smokey eye and a bold red lip is a great start. Then get creative with it by drawing on faux cuts and bleeds with red lipstick. Feel free to play around with different shades of red powders and creams and even blending them with darker colors and blacks to add more depth. If your products can blend and smudge well you can be super creative with them. No special effects makeup needed!


5. Scarecrow
The key to the scarecrow makeup look is your everyday black liquid eyeliner. Draw a stitched mouth, woven nose, and exaggerated lower lashes with your eyeliner and you’ve got most of the look down and add in some warm, fall colors to complete the look. Don’t forget about the bright cheeks!


6. Roxanne
Roxanne from A Goofy Movie (the 1995 underrated Disney classic) is another look that revolves around your trusty black liner. Use your eyeliner to draw a black snout and a birthmark under your eye. Boom! The makeup is complete. All you're missing now is the costume, which is just a plain teal t-shirt and denim shorts. Bonus points if you can get a wig (or you're blessed to be a ginger).


7. Ventriloquist Doll
(Photo from cybersleep)
Cute, creepy, and convenient, since you don't need any special face paint. White eyeliner on the lower lash line and black eyeliner will make your eyes look super doll-like. Extra layers of any pink blush you have is also another important step. Now add two black lines going downward from the corners of your mouth and your'e pretty much done. Do draw some cracks to amp up the creepy factor too.


What Halloween makeup ideas do you have in mind? Let us know in the comments!


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