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Priscilla aka Prissy Torres is the founder of The Fashion Muse. Based in Miami, she features both fashion and beauty on her blog. She covers everything from fluffy high heels to her eyebrow care regimen. And, of course, she's a fan of Social Decay! Prissy's got a knack for styling outfits that can cross over many styles. Punk rock or ultra girly, Prissy kills the game. Plus, she's a self proclaimed "PR Girl in the making" with big plans for the future.

Social Decay: Your outfits range from edgy punk to super feminine - what influences how you dress day-to-day?
Priscilla:  As a fashion blogger, I like to be very versatile, but still incorporate my signature style. I'm very edgy, but I cannot forget about my super girly side. So, it's a mixture of both! 
SD: Where do you draw fashion inspiration from?
P:  I like to draw inspo from everywhere actually. But, I get inspired by other bloggers, trends, and even architecture! Along with being inspired, I like bringing that inspo to my photos posted to my blog. As per photography, my blog photographer & I try to steer away from the "norm" fashion blogger like photos. We like to bring a story behind every photo in hopes to inspire other fashionistas!
SD: What is your favorite new beauty product to use?
P:  My new favorite go to product I have been using non stop is my new Makeup Forever HD foundation. They updated the formula, and wow! It's incredible. Flawless skin to the max. 
SD: What are 3 makeup products you can't live without?
P: I'm beauty product obsessed, so this is a hard question. Haha. But, if I had to pick my three holy grails of all products they would be; Foundation, Mascara, and my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow. 
SD: Favorite place in Miami?
P: I'm very blessed that I have been raised and live in Miami my whole life. It's very hard to choose a specific place in Miami. I love my city! Every location brings a different flavor.
SD: What are your goals within PR?
P: Currently, I am finishing my degree in Public Relations. I hope to become a fashion PR specifically, and work for an awesome PR firm that manages & represents major brands. I also really love the idea of representing a celebrity or an important figure in that industry. I'm close to finishing, so I'm really excited to what my future holds. And of course, I will continue to blog! I can never leave my blog behind, it's my baby!

Check out The Fashion Muse here and follow @thefashionmuse on Instagram!
Photos by  Danielle Margherite


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