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Maddi always had ambitious and changing career goals from a young age, from plastic surgeon to astronaut. One thing stayed constant, though - her love for fashion. Though she recalls some of her outfit choices as being cringe-worthy in retrospect, she had more exposure to the "real" fashion world than the average kid. She traveled to NYC with her friend's mom who worked in fashion to visit showrooms. She decided to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in hopes of becoming a buyer. However, she left school after her internship at Inked Magazine turned into a full time job. This is when she realized that styling was really her calling.

Now, she's working at iconic punk brand Tripp NYC as "a woman of many responsibilities." Her job description ranges from styling, social media, customer service, and casting talent. As for her favorite part of the job, it's definitely styling shoots - especially lookbook shoots. She loves establishing the vibe and having more creative freedom. It helps that she loves Tripp's product. She says, "The brand is super rock n' roll... it's easy to style clothes that you love to wear yourself!"

Aside from loving fashion, loving music has also been a big part of Maddi's life that has also influenced her style. She says, "Music and fashion are one and the same. They are a sign of the times and, in my opinion, the ultimate forms of self expression!"  She names Iron Maiden, Stevie Nicks, the Strokes, and even One Direction as the musicians she's been listening to a lot of lately.

Listening to My Chemical Romance as a teeny bopper led her to a world of punk fashion, black nail polish, colored hair extensions, and Tripp jeans. Crazy how things come full circle, right!? Of her emo days, Maddi says, "I didn't really get out of that phase, I just evolved into a cooler, more polished emo 20 something."

Maddi has all the key ingredients that make up a bad bitch. She's real, honest, driven, hard working, and doesn't care what people think about how she looks. Working in fashion, she's learned that there's a lot more hard work than there is glamour. She says,
"Working in fashion is not just sitting in a fashion closet sipping an iced latte surrounded by pretty things and impossibly beautiful women. A career in fashion involves a lot of grunt work and hours and drive... and a fair bit of ass-kissing to work your way up."
Maddi wants to share the confidence and life lessons that she's learned with others. She's big on bringing people up, rather than dragging them down. She preaches, "Bad bitches support other bad bitches!" Shouldn't we all be that way?

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