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Christy "Karma Kitty" is one of the most recognizable models in the alternative scene. She's one of our go-to models for product shots, and she teamed up with us to come up with a mini collection! Now, you can steal her style and hop on the Karma Kitty bandwagon. We got the chance to hear more about what this badass model had to say about her life and the SD collab.

How'd you come up with your "Karma Kitty" alias?
I've always been called kitty from an early age because of my love for cats! The name Karma came when I first started modeling/gogo dancing and I wanted to use something that was meaningful to me but still cute and catchy. Karma has always been a recurring lesson that has stuck with me and proven to be true my whole life. I believe the better of a person you are and try to be, the more luck will come your way.
How did the Social Decay x Karma Kitty collab come about?
I met the SD team at a Christmas party for Social Decay that I was invited to by my BFF/model Jackie Allegra. After that I was so in love with the brand that I started shooting with them. Down the line, I offered to do a collab with them and was lucky enough that they said yes! I sat down with the graphic designer and gave him my ideas that we played around with. Then he came up with these 2 perfect designs. Before I knew it they were being printed and the rest is history!
What was the inspiration behind the screen printed designs? 
The ideas basically came from being called Karma and all of the puns that came along with it over the years. Everyone has probably heard "karma's a bitch" or the term good karma and bad karma, so we used those as a way to represent me through Social Decay.  I thought the idea of "Karma's a Bitch" being in a cute script font was sarcastic, ironic, and it came out so perfect! The good karma/bad karma skulls design was the "darker" design of the two. The graphic designer at SD took my idea and came up with the good and evil kitty skulls and totally blew me away!
What do you love most about Social Decay?
Everything! I'm a huge believer of the occult, and all of the staff are awesome! Every shoot has been so much fun, and all of the designs are things I would (and do) wear all the time! They have a wide range of designs and keep coming up with new merch all the time, it's impossible to get bored of them! Not to mention their shredders are sooo comfortable.. after a night out drinking I can just climb in bed and pass out.
Favorite piece in the collection?
Besides mine, I love the crafty bitch shredders and all of the the kitty shirts, "kiss it" and "unknown terror" are two of my favorites! Basically anything occult, cat related. I pretty much only wear black so they give me a lot to chose from.
You've got some awesome piercings and tattoos - any planned for the near future?
I just recently got matching noose tattoos with my husband! I want to get some facial micro dermals in the future as well. I'm going to be continue working on my sleeves. I still have so many ideas and so much empty space on my body that I can never tell what's going to happen next.
What else do you do other than model?
Right now I'm in my honeymoon period so I'm not working much. For right now modeling and taking care of my kitten are my biggest priorities. Early fall I will be taking Japanese classes! (Being half Japanese I've always wanted to learn the language) by mid fall I do plan to continue to model and will be taking my mixology exam to become a bartender. I used to gogo frequently at Webster Hall and Slake NYC and grew a huge love for nightlife. Bartenders get paid to work at night and socialize so it's just perfect for me. and I just hate the idea of having to work if you don't enjoy what you're doing.


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