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Many contestants from reality TV competitions are gone and forgotten after they get eliminated from their season. Melanie Martinez, contestant on season 3 of The Voice, is an exception. Most viewers knew and loved her for her unique rendition of "Toxic" by Britney Spears, her multi-colored hair, and her adorable gap teeth. After getting eliminated, Melanie did not give up. She toured the United States, further developed her personal style, and grew her fan base.
Melanie is a fellow New Yorker, bred on Long Island. She just released her first full length album, Cry Baby, and it is already climbing the charts, with its alternative-indie-pop hybrid sound. Her whole album tells a deep story, with real lyrics and moving melodies that go way beyond the simple, childish song titles (which are really metaphors), such as "Sippy Cup," "Dollhouse," and "Training Wheels." The songs tell stories of emotional pain, abuse, dysfunctional families, and growing up.
Beyond her music, she's got badass style. Between her hair, makeup, and clothing, she always creates amazing cohesive looks that are equal parts cute and creepy. She counts edgy brand Lime Crime as one of her favorite sources of makeup, and she is always wearing something out of the ordinary.
Melanie Martinez is a bad bitch because she did not let rejection on a TV show stop her from following her dream. Plus, her music is more than just catchy tunes. She's doing something with her voice, expressing herself, and being vulnerable.
For goosebumps and serious beauty inspiration, go watch her music videos and listen to her album!


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