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Recently, I got to sit down and interview this week's bad bitch Emmy at FS Charlie Salon where she is a hair stylist in downtown NYC. Actually, I was sitting and she was standing, coloring my hair orange after I had shown her a slew of inspiration photos on my phone. When I asked this platinum-blonde and tatted up hairstylist what she thinks makes her a bad bitch, she simply replied, "I grew up in New York!" There's no doubt that growing up and living in NYC makes you tough as nails. But to Emmy, there's more to it. She believes that if you work hard, you get what you want. She claims that she's never stopped hustling.
Emmy said that she's always wanted to do hair, but it has been a long journey. She moved to Vermont to get away from the city, and there she realized she wanted to get really serious about becoming a hair stylist. There, she went to beauty school and made sure she had it all together so she could build a career. She learned a lot, and now she's been doing hair for three years. She said that she loves the chemistry aspect of formulating colors and dyes. This love and skill comes through clearly when you see the colors she creates on her clients. (Three of us here at SD have our hair colored shades of the rainbow by Emmy!) Of course, she also loves the feeling she brings to her clients. She gushed, "I love how stoked people are when they leave and they love what I've created." She has some special advice for people who are looking to do crazy things with their hair. She suggests starting out small before going all out. For example, start with a streak of blue in your hair, or just dye the tips blue to test it out before going "balls to the wall" in Emmy's words. 
All bad bitches must have confidence, and Emmy's got some advice for this. It's no surprise that having awesome hair can add to your self esteem. Emmy says, "Hair makes you who you are. No matter what style you have, if you wear it with pride, people will notice." As for future goals, Emmy has hopes of broadening her list of celebrity clients. (Fun fact: She did Tish Cyrus's hair for the VMA's with Miley's infamous twerk performance with Robin Thicke!) She also wants to do more editorial and runway work in addition to her salon work for clients.
Emmy does some other creative things on the side, such as a little bit of modeling. (Catch her in our Fall Lookbook!) She also did ballet for 15 years, but stopped. However, she is planning on starting that back up- both as another form of art and as a way to improve her posture to help her do hair. Now that's dedication!

Follow Emmy on Instagram @hairbyemmycat - and have her do your hair if you're in the area!


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