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Danielle Castano is the bombshell behind "Feral Blonde." This girl's got beauty and brains, and she just switched up her trademark blonde locks to be grey! Brave and up for an adventure, she picked up and moved to Colorado, which isn't necessarily a capital for bloggers. However, she's definitely making it work!  We got the chance to chat with her about her blog, Colorado, and her favorite Social Decay piece.
SOCIAL DECAY: There aren't many bloggers in Colorado. What made you want to blog from there?
DANIELLE: I initially ventured out here to support my boyfriend with his career endeavors, and also I'm just always down to ride. I'm known to be a bit of a nomad when it comes to my location... you'll rarely see me in the same place. I love travel more than anything and intend on moving quite a bit! Trust me, Colorado won't be a permanent thing.
SD: Where's your favorite spot to shoot in Colorado?
D:I try to switch up my locations so as to keep blog posts fresh and exciting. Colorado is full of beautiful scenery and I've still got so much left to explore here, so I'm sure I haven't even stumbled upon the "perfect spot" just yet... but if I had to choose, my favorite location to be out and about is LoDo (Lower-Downtown) in the historic section because I've fallen in love with all the gorgeous warehouses-turned-lofts. I'm such a sucker for brick walls.
What's the story behind the name "Feral Blonde"?
D:"Feral" by definition: having reverted to the wild state, not domesticated. Like most girls, I grew up feeling fairly insecure about myself. My blog is in celebration of me saying "screw that, you don't tell me how to feel anymore." It's about becoming my truest, most natural self and about leaving those insecurities and doubts at the door.
SD: Other than blogging, what do you love to do?
D: I'm a passionate writer with a bachelor's degree in poetry. I like to exercise my writing as often as I can, which is sometimes difficult to do with a full-time job but I do my best. On the weekends, you'll most likely find me hitting up coffee shops and antique stores. Now that the weather has been beautiful, my boyfriend and I like to take day trips to the mountains to hike and explore... living in Colorado has definitely given me more of an appreciation for the great outdoors. Who ever thought a city-girl at heart could turn into a nature-lover?
SD: Any other big dreams or next steps for your blog?
D: Of course! I hope to one day have my own shoe line much like the beautiful Chiara. Oh, and I WILL make it to front row at NYFW. Mark my words.

SD: What's your favorite Social Decay piece?
D: I think my favorite piece in my closet is my "Season of the Witch" shredder. I love the detailed print and the versatility. I've got a quite a few new pieces on my hit-list though, such as the "Wine & Complain" crop and the "Little Devil" shredder. I'm dying to get my hands on them!

Photos by Mike Matos @_mikematos // Follow Danielle on Instagram @daniellerosecastano


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