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Our summer lookbook was shot a little while back on Coney Island here in Brooklyn. The beach and boardwalk are iconic and always a good time. There's an aura of fun and never-ending energy. It was the perfect place to shoot our summer shredders and crop tops. We spoke with Alissa and Melissa, the gorgeous models from the shoot, and Roon, the man behind the lens. Read on for our mini interview with these three talented and fun people!
Social Decay: What's your favorite Coney Island snack?
Alissa: ALL of the snacks.
SD: Favorite thing to do on Coney Island?
A: The Wonder Wheel is awesome. (As long as you're in the stationary car!)
SD: Which shirt was your favorite to model?
A: The "Party & Bullshit" tank I wore for the last look at the bar. Too good!
Social Decay: What's your favorite drink at Brooklyn bars?
Melissa: It's hard to pick just one! I used to be a beer girl, but lately i've become fond of fancy cocktails. My latest go to is the watermelon cooler at Tutu's near the SD office, it's a summery gin cocktail and it's delicious.
SD: You have so many awesome tattoos that go perfectly with all the tanks. Which is your fave?
M: I can never pick a favorite, so I usually just go with the newest addition. My latest tattoo is from my friend Steve Von Riepen (it's a traditional girl head) he owns a shop in Hawaii called Queen Street Tattoo.
SD: You're always changing up your hair color. What's next?
M: I think I'll be sticking with blue for a bit, but definitely darker for Fall. 
P.S. Special thanks to my hair fair Emmy, you should all go see her at FS Charlie Salon in Manhattan!
Social Decay: What was the best part about shooting for our brand?
Roon: The models and the crew! We had a really fun time.
SD: Favorite summer spot?
R: Rooftops in New York City
SD: Favorite beach activity?
R: Beach volleyball! 
See more lookbook photos over on our Facebook page here.


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