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5 Reasons We're Hooked on Hayley Williams' Hair Dye Line

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Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams has been kicking ass since the band's inception in 2004 (and probably waaaay before then too). She's become a queen of alternative rock, dominating the music scene with her unbelievable vocal range and ever-changing neon hair colors. It only makes sense that she would create a hair dye line that shines as bright as she does– goodDYEyoung. She founded it along with her friend and longtime stylist Brian O'Connor. goodDYEyoung's mission is to cultivate a community around self-expression, color and happiness about being who you are. In a world that's constantly telling women to change themselves to fit certain beauty ideals, this is a breath of fresh air and we at Social Sunday live for brands like this. Keep reading for the five reasons we're hooked on this hair dye line. 
social sunday good dye young main
(photo by Lindsey Byrnes, part of a Good Dye Young photo shoot)
1.)  It's Vegan AND Cruelty-Free. 
According to the website, "goodDYEyoung is a semi-permanent vegan hair dye with no PPD, no peroxide, no ammonia and no other harmful ingredients. GDY is not tested on animals." Wow.  We count ourselves lucky to have one of those things, but both? That's a win. Click here for the company's most-asked questions. 
social sunday good dye young image 1
(photo from GDY site)
2.) It's got amazingly vibrant shades that are major competition for other hair dye companies.
Hayley is notorious for changing up her hair color pretty often, so she (and Brian O'Connor) created unconventional colors like vibrant blue, electric purple purple, and neon greenshades you won't find lining the shelves of most drugstores. It'll make your wildest dye dreams come true. 
social sunday GDY colors
(photo from GDY site) 
3.) It allows women and men to express themselves! 
The color selections are absolutely gorgeous. The model below has used the Narwhal shade, and it's just as magical and unicorn-like as the website promises. More and more people are jumping on the bandwagon for rocking bright hair. In a world of brunettes and blondes, you can be the one to break free and show your true colors– as the site says, you're able to be "unapologetically loud."
social sunday gdy narwhal shade
    (photo from GDY site)    
4.) The site offers step-by-step instructions for application, customization, and offers inexpensive tools to help with the dyeing process. 
Dyeing hair is quite the task if you're doing it by yourself (especially if it's the first time), and GDY offers tutorials, tools, and lightening kits to help people of all ages achieve the perfect look–plus some cute accessories to throw in the cart while you're at it. They also offer faders if you want your color to be a little toned-down, as these shades are definitely a head-turner. 
social sunday gdy graphic
(photo from GDY instagram, originally by @loreneart)  
5.) Hayley has always been a role model from the very beginning. 
She's done a good job of staying out of the tabloids and paparazzi gossip, because she presents herself as a role model. She cultivates a strong community of supporters who love her music and everything she stands for. With the creation of the goodDYEyoung line that encourages women (and men) to be the truest version of themselves, she's become even more of an icon. 
social sunday gdy pink
   (photo from GDY site)       
What color would you want to try? Let us know in the comments!
Click here to shop GDY products and click here to visit their Instagram! 


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