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5 Peppermint Products to Get Your Self-Care On This Season

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One of our favorite holiday scents is peppermint. Unlike other winter-y scents like gingerbread, peppermint seems to work all year round since it's such a fresh, classic scent, though it still tends to be a "holiday exclusive" for many products. So why not sprinkle some peppermint into your self-care routine while you can? Here are five peppermint self-care items to get while December is still here.
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1. Innisfree Real Mask
Not only does peppermint have an irresistible scent; it also comes with cleansing and calming benefits for your skin. It’s a genius ingredient to have in a clay mask—kudos to Innisfree! 
P.S.: This is the only item on this list that's available all year long! Don't get too worked up on stocking up. 
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2. Burt's Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm in Peppermint
I lose and repurchase lip balms at the same rate as new lip balms entering the market. Yet Burt’s Bees’s Moisturizing Lip Balms make their way into my bag 90% of the time.They’re easy to find, inexpensive, and moisturizing (the name speaks for itself). The limited-edition Peppermint flavor makes it a must-have this holiday season.
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3. Godiva Dark Chocolate Peppermint Hot Cocoa Canister
Let self care mean treating yourself to a nice cup of hot cocoa! Chocolate and mint is definitely one of my favorite flavor combos of all time. Peppermint hot chocolate is a dream come true—especially when it’s coming from Godiva, the confectionery queens.
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4. Lush Polar Bear Plunge
You won’t get enough of how cute the polar bear shape is—it's amost too cute to watch dissolve! But when it does, at least you’ll be bathing in bubbly, peppermint goodness. We just can't get enough of all Lush has to offer.
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5. Bath & Body Works Peppermint Marshmallow Candle
Dessert-scented candles can be overwhelmingly sweet, but not this one. The peppermint creates a balance for an amazing scent you’ll want to unwind to on a snowy Sunday and the rest of the holiday season. It even works as a nice background for your rockin' New Year's Eve bash!
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What are some of your favorite peppermint products? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Jill: December 27, 2019

    The peppermint as one of the main products will be very useful in cosmetics It will also provide a pleasant fresh aroma

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