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5 Mobile Apps to Boost Your Productivity

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PRODUCTIVITY(Photo by Tirachard)

Class is now in session but many of us still have our minds set on summer. We would much rather continue be chilling by the pool than hitting the library to write an English paper. Being on a work grind is a distant memory and before we know it we end up accidentally undergoing an almost hour-long aimless Instagram exploration that started off as nothing more than an innocent swipe to open a notification that popped up on our lock screens. But our phones don’t always have to be an enemy to our productivity. There are plenty of apps on the market dedicated to meditating, studying, scheduling, and so much more. Here are five apps you need to download right now to get your grades up and stress down.

1. Focus KeeperFOCUS KEEPER(Photo from TapSmart)

I’ve been using the pomodoro technique for years to manage my time and get the most out of my work sessions. The pomodoro technique is essentially a time management practice where you work in 25 minute intervals that are defined by a five minute break in between. I have found that this helps me remain focused and avoid dull work sessions. There can be a lot of confusing timer-setting when employing this technique on your own but Focus Keeper does all that dirty work for you. You can even set goals for yourself and track your progress to improve your productivity. Focus Keeper is also super user-friendly with a beautiful, minimalist interface and tons of customizable features, from timer sounds to theme colors.


2. Mind VectorMIND VECTOR(Photo from iGeeksBlog)

For all the visual learners out there who rely on drawing webs to understand concepts, Mind Vector is an essential. Before I discovered Mind Vector, I drew all my diagrams on paper, but they would eventually become too messy to comprehend. Mapping out my notes on paper also got pretty annoying since I would run out of different colored pens to distinguish key terms. It’s great that Mind Vector has a wide variety of shapes and colors to clearly organize your thoughts onto a screen. Mind Vector also has a collaboration option, where you and you friends can map out your notes together.


3. Countdown StarCOUNTDOWN STAR(Photo from Joe Merrill)

Countdown Star does exactly what you think it does. While planner or calendar apps give you a detailed overview of the events and deadlines coming up, the Countdown app is a great supplement to get a better perception of how soon an event is approaching so you can further plan out your schedule. It’s a super simple app that gets the job done so you should definitely count on Countdown Star.


4. Grammarly KeyboardGRAMMARLY KEYBOARD(Photo from Grammarly)

I’ve had Grammarly installed as a Google Chrome browser extension for a while but only recently did I discover its mobile app, Grammarly Keyboard. For those who aren’t already familiar with Grammarly, Grammarly is basically an advanced grammar and spell checker. It takes the extra step to describe the issue with a phrase in your writing, rather than just underlining it or autocorrecting it for you. This app is super handy when you’re on the go and have to send an important email to someone like your boss or professor via your phone.


5. WorkflowWORKFLOW

(Photo from MacStories)

Although it was created by Apple, many iPhone users don’t know about this uber powerful app. If you have ever wished to do something in a touch of a button, Workflow will make that a dream come true. Through Workflow, you have the ability to create complex automations such as adding your latest photos from the Photos app onto Dropbox or sending a text out to your team to let them know you’re running late. If you don’t know where to start, you can check out the Workflow Gallery on the app to enable pre-made automations. BONUS: If you’re on a study break, you can make GIFs on this app too!


What other productivity apps do you have on your phone? Share them in the comments below!


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