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5 Innovative Skincare Gadgets To Try Out

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(Photo by @kxvn.lx via Unsplash)

No matter what season it is, good skin is always in. Although you follow a skincare routine, it shouldn't feel like a hassle. You faced some challenges throughout the day and overcame them like a badass; showing your skin some much-needed love afterwards should be relaxing and fun (maybe even luxurious). Introducing skincare gadgets is an easy way to make the experience a bit more interesting, while also benefitting your skin. Put your best face forward by incorporating these five innovative gadgets into your skincare regimen: 

1. DIOZO Facial Steamer

DIOZO Facial Steamer

(Photo via Amazon)

An at-home, DIY steam facial is an easy way to give your skin some extra TLC when you have this machine. There's only one button so you really can't mess it up! There's even an adorable cat ear headband to keep your hair out of your face for the ideal steam facial. The steam opens up pores so blackheads and other dirt are better exposed for removal (a blackhead removal kit comes with the steamer). It also improves blood circulation to rejuvenate your skin. The warmth on your face will feel amazing!

2. NOONI Marshmallow Whip Maker

NOONI Marshmallow Whip Maker

(Photo via Amazon)

Turn any facial cleanser you have into fluffy goodness with the NOONI Marshmallow Whip Maker. Just add a tiny amount of cleanser and water, then pump away to whip up a cloud of foam. Giving your cleanser a fluffier texture means a gentler cleansing session, since there will be less friction. If you splurged on your cleanser, the Marshmallow Whip Maker would help you get more uses out of the cleanser than you would've had; foaming the cleanser uses less product than just squeezing some cleansing onto your hands.

3. Quimat Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush and Face Massager


(Photo via Amazon)

For an affordable deep cleanse, the Quimat Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush and Face Massager is a must-have. It's a great dupe for high-end electronic silicone facial brushes in the market, which can exceed $100. The brush is made of 100% organic medical grade silicone that would also suit those with sensitive skin and be gentle enough for frequent use. The vibrations the brush delivers makes this little gadget double as a massager. 

4. Daiso Japan Reusable Silicon Mask Cover


(Photo via Amazon)

"The sheet mask fits my face perfectly," said no one ever. While we wait for the day when custom, fit-to-face sheet masks become a reality, the Daiso Japan Reusable Silicon Mask Cover will do the trick. Essentially, this is a silicon mask with ear loops to wear over a sheet mask. Put it on while your sheet mask is still on your face to prevent the sheet mask from slipping. Your skin will also absorb more of the nutrient-rich essence that your sheet mask is soaked with. The mask is a pretty simple concept, but a total game-changer for sheet mask lover.

5. Xpreen Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum

Xpreen Pore Vacuum

(Photo via Amazon)

We can all agree that blackheads suck—but we're gonna suck it up now that there are pore vacuums like Xpreen's to do the dirty work for us. Yes, this is a vacuum for your face. It may sound bizarre, but there are tons of great reviews for Xpreen's pore vaccum. Properly used, this tool should get a bunch of gunk out of your skin, leaving you with smaller, cleaner pores. For less than $25, it's definitely worth a shot.  

Which skincare gadgets are your faves? Let us know in the comments below!



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