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5 Emerging Female Musicians to Stan Right Now

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(Photo via @kidzwithbugs on Twitter)
August is coming to an end and we’re about to hop back onto the fall grind. Since summer is not quite over yet, there’s still some time left to chill out to new music before we drown ourselves in work again. Here are five female musicians to add to your good vibes playlist and support women making their way into the mainstream.

1. Kaiit
I discovered Kaiit through my YouTube recommendations and am so thankful I clicked on the thumbnail for her “OG Luv Kush p.2” music video. The Australian soul singer dares to mix the old and the new, adding her super sweet vocals over a bass-heavy, soothing fusion of jazz and contemporary sounds (think Lauryn Hill on a lo-fi track). Her lyricism is also amusing, whether she’s singing about society’s woes in “2000 n Somethin” (“Look at myself and realise the world's eyes are all iPhone screens”) or picking up fast food in “Natural Woman” ("Stopped at McDonald's/Got a happy meal, extra pickle, Despicable Me toy inside”). Kaiit also has a dope sense of style, often sporting unpredictable combinations of athletic pieces, vivid colors, bold patterns, and accessories. When I saw how she paired a fire-engine red Adidas windbreaker with an equally bold eyeshadow look in the “OG Luv Kush p.2” thumbnail, I had to click on it to watch to see what the girl was all about.

2. Biig Piig
Biig Piig’s music is just as unique as her name. It’s really hard to assign a genre to her music but I think that a combination of electronic and R&B music comes pretty close. Her songs make the perfect millennial, romantic slow jams with her dreamy beats and slow, silky vocals. Biig Piig’s music videos are also super artsy, giving off retro film vibes. My favorite song of hers is probably "24K," a soothing, sensual song about her love for her partner’s simplicity. The video is equally steamy, but also artistic with its fun use of lighting and color throughout.

3. Ravyn Lenae
Rayvn Lenae is only 19 years old, yet is already been signed to THE Atlantic Records (hello Ed Sheeran and Cardi B) and toured with SZA. I have yet to discover an R&B artist she reminds me of because her songs’ production and vocals are so eccentric, yet work together so well. However, I do sense hints of Erykah Badu’s influence when it comes to Lenae’s impressive vocal inflections. The beats can be described as some sort of chilled out, futuristic mix of house music and ‘90s R&B. Her latest EP, Crush, was produced by The Internet and Odd Future’s Steven Lacey, whose vocals are also borrowed in some of the songs to create well put together duets. In “4-Leaf Clover”, they go back and forth in a battle-of-the-sexes love song that has the potential to become your go-to karaoke song.
4. Jaz Karis
The time I heard a Jaz Karis song was when I stumbled upon a video of a live performance of her song “Sugar Don’t Be Sweet” last year and it gave me chills. From the honeyed vocals that call to mind Alicia Keys and Jorja Smith, to the jazz-meets-R&B-meets-pop sounds that often infuse acoustic pianos and guitars, Karis’ songs are incredibly mesmerizing. She has only released two albums but expect new music (probably some Billboard chart-toppers if we had to guess) in the near future.

5. Chloe Moriondo
If you think you’ll be into cute little Norah Jones-esque ballads, Chloe Moriondo is your girl. Her voice is absolutely angelic and her ukulele playing complements it perfectly. There have been days where I would binge watch her song covers on YouTube channel, where her 677,000 subscribers have fallen in love with her oversized, round glasses and curly pixie cut. In her album Rabbit Hearted, she adds an echoey effect to her vocals that emphasizes each word she sings and makes her hums even more magical. Her lyrics always seem to hit home for me, especially the words to "Spaceland" on those days where overthinking brings me down ("Sometimes when I’m floating it feels like my head’s overflowing/And it’s not too difficult to detach, but it’s hard to come back").

What are some other female artists you've been listening to on repeat? Let us know in the comments!


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