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5 Page-Turners to Add to Your Summer Reading List

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Summer is the perfect time to finally take a crack at those paperbacks gathering dust on your shelf (or viewing them on your trusty Kindle). We make endless excuses for not sitting down and taking the time to read, but there's nothing like having hours to do nothing but sip cool drinks and transporting yourself to a whole new world! Grab a beach towel, head to your favorite sunny spot and let the time pass reading these five must-have books.
1.) Girl, Wash Your Face
You've probably heard of Rachel Hollis or have seen her book covers while strolling through Target. We're here to tell you it's in the inspiration you've been craving. We need more women leaders encouraging us to GET OUT AND HUSTLE–that's why Rachel lays out what every woman needs to hear, plain and simple: everything you've been told about yourself is a lie, perpetuated by society to knock you down and discourage you from reaching your full potential. You have everything you need to become the confident person you were meant to be (all while kicking ass and taking names). She tells funny, sad and downright hilarious anecdotes from her personal life to guide her writing. We promise you won't be able to put it down!
2.) Hunger
Roxane Gay is a feminist icon, for a damn good reason. You may have read some Gay in your intro lit class in college, and we definitely recommend revisiting her work. In her memoir Hunger, she writes about attempting to love her body in a world that's designed for skinny people, as well as her rape, overeating, and the struggle to find her true identity. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and it'll make you see the world differently. Gay takes you to places that are often uncomfortable but necessary for creating a life worth living–and one where you can discover your true self.
3.) It's Kind of a Funny Story
This book about depression weaves a surprisingly uplifting tale. Craig Gilner lives in New York City and is trying to get into the top college to get the top job and have the get the picture. At the same time, the demons he's been trying to ward off make him take things just a step too far–and he winds up in a mental hospital. He meets some pretty interesting characters, and it's on this journey he confronts the sources of his anxiety and begins to finally feel happy.
4.) Lion
Whether or not you watched this movies in theaters, this is a must-read book. It tells the story of Saroo, born in an Indian village, in a small home but a loving family. One day while walking with his brother, he becomes separated and accidentally boards a train to Calcutta. After bouncing from a children's home to an orphanage, he was adopted by an Australian family. It was there he happily grew up, surrounded by friends, music and people who loved him, but he knew it couldn't stay like that forever. At 30 years old–with the help of Google Earth and sheer luck–he crossed miles and miles to finally get back to the place he came from.
5.) Cocktails for Three
Roxanne, Maggie and Candice all work at the same swanky London magazine and meet once a month to laugh, chat, sip delicious cocktails and spill office gossip. On the surface, everything's perfect, and the three have the appearance of best friends. But deep down, each woman has a secret, and a random encounter one night sets off a chain of events that forever changes the fabric of their friendship. Madeleine Wickham doubles as Sophie Kinsella, author of the Confessions of a Shopaholic series. Do yourself a favor and read those books–each one is hilarious and sugary sweet!
Have any suggestions for our summer reading list? Let us know in the comments!


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