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5 Black Friday Shopping Tips to Score the Hottest Deals

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The day after a huge Thanksgiving feast calls for cardio —we're talking about engaging in the extreme sport of Black Friday shopping. From dodging huge crowds to carrying too many bags, shopping on Black Friday is a physical challenge, so it's important that you know the tricks of the trade. Here are five tips to step up your Black Friday shopping game and score the sweetest deals.
1. Create a budget for yourself
It's pretty obvious, but we'll say it louder for the folks in the back: Spending less = saving more. The explosive ads flooding your inbox and displayed in stores may propose some seemingly hard-to-come-by deals, but that just makes it easier for you to blow way too much money during a single shopping spree. Your risk of impulse buying is at an all-time high with all this flashy signage. To avoid post-purchase regrets, set an appropriate spending budget.
2. Price-check first
If you're shopping online, make sure you're looking around other sites for lower prices before you check out. The "here today, gone tomorrow" deals may be egging you to checkout ASAP, but don't crack under pressure! A quick Google search for an even lower price won't take long and it'll be well worth the time. You can also turn to price comparison sites like to hunt for the best deals.
3. Don't fall for doorbuster deals
Unless you're positive that you'll be the first few in line to enter the store, don't put all your confidence into scoring jaw-dropping doorbuster deals. Chances are that the item has very limited stock; this is just a way for stores to get you in and shop around for other products!
4. Do your research early
With so many stores pumping out sales ads, it gets overwhelming trying to keep track of everything—from early store opening times to coupon codes. Look into what's available know so you can prioritize where to shop the day of. Sites like are super helpful since they're constantly updated.
5. Stay updated on social media
Your favorite stores are probably going to remind you of major deals going on through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, so don't miss out! They could even be revealing exclusive coupon codes or sales previews. If you're super committed and don't mind notifications, you can turn your post notifications on to stay ahead of the game.
What are your go-to shopping tips? Let us know in the comments -- and don't forget about our Black Friday sale! You'll get 40% off EVERYTHING, no code necessary.


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