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When we asked this week’s Bad Bitch, Gabriela Lorraine, where she’s from, she said the cosmos. She was (probably) kidding, but there’s no denying that Gabriela’s got an out-of-this-world style and a personality to match it. This blogger/fashion journalist embodies the bad bitch mentality. She’s independent, smart, and walks to the beat of her own drum. Not to mention, she can do yoga poses in high heels.
Gabriela’s got a bunch of awesome projects under her belt. She’s the founder of her fashion meets spirituality blog,, and has written for a slew of magazines. Some of these include United Colors of Fashion (a non profit that gives underprivileged youth fashion education and opportunities), The Fashion Law, Deux Hommes, and The Numinous. She's also interned for Rick Owens and attended shows at London Fashion Week. Oh wait - did I mention she’s only 21 and still in college?! Talk about killing the game.
Gabriela wasn’t always so sure of her self proclaimed identity of being an “Alien Goth Queen of the Underworld.” It took losing some hair for her to find herself. At 17, she shaved half of her head, taking a huge style risk and creating a more edgy look for herself. Growing up as a twin shaped her, as well. She says, “I’ve always been fiercely independent. Having a twin I guess I wanted to be myself, and I think that’s really been something that impacted who I am.” She claims that only in the past year and a half has she really become confident in who she is, believing that it’s a “process that never stops.”
Her style is inspired by her strong spirituality. This rabbi’s daughter took an unlikely path with her faith. When she was 7, she went to Salem and learned about witchcraft. Today, she considers herself Wiccan and practices witchcraft. Yep, she’s the real deal. But don’t worry; she’s a good witch. She gushes, “I love the unknown and I’m really intrigued by death, by crystals, divination, dreams, faeries.” Right now, Gabriela is super inspired by The Jetsons and Zenon, and she’s trying to make “space goth” happen.
Gabriela can strike up a conversation about tarot cards and aliens as easily as she can give you a rundown of Rick Owens’ latest collection. When we asked what she’s most passionate about other than fashion, she answered, “I’m passionate about writing too, figuring things out. I’m passionate about learning and manifesting and energy and magick,” she adds, “I’m passionate about it all.”
Follow Gabriela on Instagram @gabyherstik and check out her blog,
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