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Ashley is a 22 year old blogger who is obsessed with fashion, music, and Chihuahuas. She grew up on Long Island, New York, and then went to college in Manhattan where she currently lives. When she’s not working, you can most likely find her playing the guitar or ukulele in her apartment, or eating at any of the dollar pizza joints in the city.
Ashley’s Favorites:

Favorite Band: It’s always changing! Right now, I’m obsessed with Fleetwood Mac. I just got a record player for my birthday, so my Rumors vinyl has been playing non-stop. I’m always listening to a lot of Nirvana, too.

Favorite Shopping Spot: The East Village in Manhattan! There are so many cool thrift and vintage shops with band tees, which are my weakness. Plus, the East Village is home to Trash & Vaudeville, which has tons of edgy clothes and the most enviable selection of shoes from huge platform heels to Dr Martens. 

Favorite NYC Restaurant: It’s not quite a restaurant, but my go-to is this hot dog joint called Crif Dog. There’s one in the East Village and one in Williamsburg. You can get ANY topping on your hot dog. I always get the Chihuahua, which has avocado, sour cream, and bacon. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it! 

Favorite Style Icon: Usually Kurt Cobain. My uniform is basically baggy pants or shorts with a black band tee shirt and a flannel. Lately, though, I’ve been trying to go for a more 70s boho-goth Stevie Nicks thing.

Favorite Item in Wardrobe: All of my Doc Martens are my babies. I can’t choose.

Favorite Show to Binge Watch: I recently finished the entire series of Dexter in an embarrassingly short period of time. It’s so twisted and suspenseful. I’m definitely re-watching it as soon as I have time.

Favorite Mythical Creature: Mermaids & Unicorns. But both of those are actually real, right?
Ashley is wearing the Social Decay "Dream On" Shredder. Buy it here. 


  • Patricia Campbell: July 12, 2015

    Great pictures! Somebody should discover this girl!!!

  • Mandy Miller: July 09, 2015

    Loveeee reading your blog !! You are beautiful!!!

  • Jim Bones : July 09, 2015

    A star in the making. Can’t wait to watch the ride!

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