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Meet your new favorite beauty vlogger and Instagrammer, Ashley, aka @atleeeey. This beauty is based in LA, and is always changing up her look, transitioning seamlessly between dark hair, peach hair, and now, platinum blonde.  You'll love watching her videos because she's adorable, down to earth, and keeps it real. We chatted with her about how she got her start, and some of her favorite products right now.
Social Decay:
What made you decide to take makeup and beauty vlogging seriously and truly pursue it?
Ashley Feasel: I decided to start up my YouTube channel to share more of myself with anyone who’s following me. I’ve always been asked on my Instagram to create tutorials on looks that I’ve posted but didn’t really think many people would care to watch me do my makeup. I’m so happy that my channel has grown so much in only 2 months, and I love creating and connecting with everyone so I’ll continue making videos as long as someone’s watching!
SD: What passions do you have other than makeup and beauty?
AF: I’m really passionate about art in any form. Whether it’s my art in a sketch book or someone else’s. Although I don’t create my own, music is something I’m super passionate about & feel really connected to. I’m also a huge nerd lowkey and love building websites, graphic design & photo/video editing! I’m also passionate about coffee!!
SD: What are your favorite lip and eye colors for this spring/summer?
AF: I’m really loving neon’s this spring. I’ve been using the Urban Decay Electric Palette like crazy. For lips I’m into peachy nude gloss! My favorite today is Nars Chelsea Girls lip gloss. But you could also find me at the beach wearing red eyeliner & black lipstick since I’m an emo goth at heart.
SD: If you could collaborate with any cosmetics line, which would you choose?
AF: I don’t know how I’m supposed to choose! I love so many brands. My top 3 would be Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, and MakeupGeek.
SD: Is there a singular beauty product that you absolutely could not live without?
AF: Ocean Salt by Lush! It’s this mixture of coconut oil, avocado butter, vodka & lime topped with coarse sea salt. It makes my skin feel so damn good.
SD: Who are your beauty and fashion icons?
AF: I love a ton of beauty gurus and celebrity fashion icons, but no one that I specifically pull inspiration from day to day. My ideal outfit would be skinny jeans and a vintage t-shirt. I’m pretty minimalistic when it comes to fashion. I’d describe my style as somewhere between Mary Kate Olsen and Matt Healy from The 1975.
Follow Ashley on Instagram @atleeeey and subscribe to her channel on YouTube.
All images courtesy of Ashley's Instagram


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