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Let's talk about women in rock who don't get enough credit. Read: Shirley Manson. She also has VERY underrated hair. This Scottish born rocker was musical since she was a little kid in Primary School. Once 1994 came around, she joined Garbage. which consisted of 3 American men. A year later, in '95, Garbage's debut album went double platinum, and the band made a name for themselves in rock.
Her 90s style included girly dresses paired with tights and combat boots. It was all very sexy, but still tough and edgy. She rocked red hair (in varying degrees of brightness) which was a beautiful contrast to all the bleach blondes of the 90s, including her friends Gwen Stefani and Courtney Love. Her makeup style was distinct, as well. She was usually seen wearing bright red lipstick and dark black eyeliner. She still adheres to this beauty regimen today, at 49 years old. In a recent interview with Billboard, Manson stated, her beauty goal is "not to attract but repel." Spoken like a true rebel!
Now, 11 years after Garbage's debut album, they have released a single called "Empty." It has the same moody (yet catchy) vibe as one of their older and more popular songs, "Only Happy When It Rains," a sad girl anthem in which Manson declares, "I only smile in the dark/My only comfort is the night gone black/I didn't accidentally tell you that/I'm only happy when it rains." Come June 10th, 2016, the band will release a new album titled "Strange Little Birds." We can't wait to listen to the album and see what's next with Manson's style!

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