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Insta babe Christy Truong did an awesome shoot with our Chill Out shredder from our summer collection, so naturally, we had to chat with her and learn some more 'bout her. She's serving up some serious style envy....and California life envy!

SOCIAL DECAY: You have such an effortlessly cool, laid back style. Who are your main style influences?
CHRISTY TRUONG: My main style influencers are @flamcis & @ellenvlora
SD: What pieces are you dying to have for your wardrobe for this Summer?
CT: I am currently waiting for my care package from @quietninjaclothing!
SD: How long have you been modeling and working in fashion for?
CT: I first started off with import modeling and slowly fell in love with doing more fashion and lifestyle shots last summer I believe.
SD: Can you tell us more about the brand you work for, Kushie?
CT: Kushie is a relaxed lifestyle clothing brand that started a couple years ago. Even people that don't smoke weed can rock it too!
SD: What's your favorite part about working in fashion?
CT: I feel like fashion is so fun to shoot! There's more to do with different kind of outfits and if you have the perfect location then you are basically set with some dope photos.
SD: Do you have any big career goals?
I am currently majoring in graphic designing, and have a couple business ideas in mind for the future. But you guys are gonna have to wait for that :)

Follow Christy on Instagram @ohitschristy
Photos by @shrafy


  • crip: May 25, 2016

    damn i wna break you in half

  • crip: May 25, 2016

    damn i wanna break you in half

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