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Yet another revolutionary musician and style icon is gone way too soon. Prince was a legendary man who was not afraid to express himself through his music, fashion, and general outspokenness. It's impossible to ignore the hilarious 2011 video that has resurfaced of Prince telling Kim Kardashian to get off the stage.

A true virtuoso, he played at least 27 instruments that we know of. The guitars that he played on stage were not just music makers, but also fashion statements in and of themselves. On top of that, his stage outfits were unreal. He believed in true performance, stating in interviews that he never lip synced and when he goes on stage, his microphone is on.
Prince could pull off ANYTHING when it came to fashion. Even the strangest of garments hung perfectly on Prince. From giant puff sleeves paired with ruffles to extra high waisted hot pink pants, he rocked it all. Plus, he was often pushing the boundaries of gender norms. With a small frame, standing at just 5'2" he would rock high heels!
His love of fashion was reciprocated. Supermodel Naomi Campbell counted him as a close friend, as did designer Donatella Versace. He lived a life of self expression inside and out through his vocals, instrumentals, and clothing. 

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