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Carly of Seams Lovely is one of our friends who we often share booths with at trade shows and host events with! She's super sweet, and her collection of bralettes & more is lovely (pun intended). The bralettes are perfect for pairing with our shredders and any other tanks or tees. We spoke with Carly about how she got her start and the future goals for the brand.

Did you always want to have your own clothing line, or did you have another goal starting out with?
CARLY ORLANSKY: I actually started as a Financial Advisor out of college. I majored in Finance/Management so figured I would go with what I studied. However, since I was little I always wanted my own clothing line or store! I actually started a handmade jewelry company when I was in college! I had a great reaction and sold a ton but decided to go with Finance since I graduated in 2008 and the economy wasn't great at the time.
SD: What made you want to start this kind of clothing line rather than, say, tee shirts?
CK: It all kind of fell into place. My dad has been a textile manufacturer for his whole career. The factory he partnered with was making seamless garments for Mexico. My brother and our Mexican partner's son tried to create a line several years ago made mostly of basics, however they did not follow through on the sales, and Seams Lovely became dormant. A few years later when the company I had been working for fell apart, I decided to see what opportunities there were at the Mexican mill. I realized how many unique designs you could create with seamless and that there weren't a ton of competitors! I kept the Seams Lovely name since it was catchy and cute but rebranded and designed a new line.
SD: Where do you draw inspiration from for upcoming collections?
CK:  I mostly look at styles that need something fun added to it, or items to pair with and make the outfit more functional. For example, open back clothing need a bra that looks cute to pair with! Since seamless is so comfortable I try to come up with items you can wear on their own that are stylish, versatile and of course comfortable!
SD: What makes your stuff SO comfortable?!
CK: They are all Nylon/Spandex which is inherently comfortable and soft! We use the best Nylon so it adds to the comfort and I test each item myself and will not produce anything that I wouldn't wear myself!
SD: What do you love about teaming up with Social Decay?
CK: I got so lucky to meet Sam and Melissa in Miami at a trade show! They are so sweet, welcoming and supportive and we clicked! Not to mention we all love good food so enjoyed traveling and eating together! We also have similar customers for our brands even though they are completely different products so we are able to help and refer each other. We are also both obsessed with each other's brands! There are few days you will not see Sam or Melissa wearing one of my bralettes under their tee's! And you basically cannot catch me on a weekend or on a plane without wearing one of their sweatshirts!
SD: What's your vision for Seams Lovely in the next five years?
CK: I have been very lucky that in our first year of business we have grown tremendously. We are now sold in over 200 boutiques throughout the country! My 5 year plan is to grow our network to more specialty stores and make Seams Lovely into a household name! I will be expanding the line within the year to include activewear as well.
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