SOCIAL DECAY:  Any passions other than modeling?
NICOLE ZIMMERMANN: Yes, I have a bunch! For one, in May I will graduate with a psychology degree from Hunter College, and I would definitely have to say psychology is one of my passions-- when my modeling days have come to a halt I would love to go back for my masters and pursue counseling of some sort. Other than that, I love running, yoga, art, photography, music, reading, and nature. Nature is a huge one because I grew up in the mountains and I feel such a strong connection to it!

SD: You just got signed to an agency on the west coast. What does that feel like?!
NZ: It feels amazing! I've worked really hard to get to this point so it's nice to finally see it start paying off. In addition to that, I've been on the east coast my whole life and have always wanted to try the California lifestyle so when this opportunity came up I was so happy!! And the timing was perfect with school ending in May and everything.
SD: What are you most excited about with making the move from NY to LA?
NZ: I'm excited for a change of pace-- as much as I love NY and the energy here, I just need a break for a bit and from what I've heard LA is super mellow. Also, I'm super excited to build my book out there and meet and work with more creative people in a new location. I already have some cool things lined up for when I'm out there so there's so much to look forward to!!
 What's your favorite modeling gig you've had so far in your career?
NZ: I haven't done anything groundbreaking yet, as I am still in the early stages of my career. But this far I would have to say the Alice and Olivia presentation I worked a few months ago for NYFW. The set was all 70's inspired as were the clothes and everything was just amazing! The 70's are a huge inspiration to my style so I just enjoyed it that much more. And on top of that, all of the people I worked with that day were super cool which always makes for a good gig.
SD:  What advice would you give to other young models?
NZ: I know this sounds cliche, but just to try as hard as you can to stay true to your values and yourself as a person in an industry that is constantly trying to mold you in to something in accordance with your appearance. There are tons of other beautiful people in the world and there's always going to be someone who's prettier, taller, skinnier, etc. And comparison kills! Just be the best you and put out good energy into the world and opportunities will arise. Also, modeling is an extremely hard industry to break in to, so persistence and hard work are key!!
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