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We're all abut checking out up-and-coming bands, and it's awesome when one arises from our homeland, New York! Life After TV was formed in August 2015 by guitarist Jay Morenberg of Oyster Bay, Long Island after he left his prior band, A Breed of Human. I caught one of their shows last weekend and got to chat with Jay to learn more about the band. 

Social Decay: How did you form Life After TV? 
Jay Morenberg: I found Paul [current drummer] on Long Island Musicians first. We jammed for a day just to show him the songs to see if he was interested. I honestly though drums were gonna be the hardest to obtain, but he was the first member to join LIfe After TV. Next, I found a guy named Chris from that same group who started playing bass with us for a little while. Then, we brought in Aidan [current vocalist & bassist] who I talked to on Craigslist to be lead guitar and vocals. I really dug his lyrics and his ability to make catchy melodies. Also, he could convey emotions from soft to heavy vocals, which was perfect for the direction of Life After TV. We stayed a three piece for a few weeks until Chris was unable to continue. Aidan then took up bass duties, and I searched for a new lead guy. A week later Scott [current guitarist] came and tried out one on one for me. He had a huge Coheed feel to his playing. We tried him out with the full band and everything clicked. 

SD: What's behind the name?

JM: I wish I had a cool explanation for this. The name has a lot to do with me hating what’s on TV and how disconnected people are with each other. People tend to forget to live in the moment. I feel like a lot of people take what they see on TV, or the media in general, as a concrete formula for advice to live. People stop trusting themselves or each other and put all their faith in this one platform. It goes back to that whole theory, if the end of the world was to come “the end of all things would be televised”. People would rather blindly gather information from the choreographed actions of others or even even relish in the demise of something (i.e. reality drama, gossip, etc.) purely for entertainment. It has a lot to do with being desensitized from sensory overload. I think it stunts a lot of peoples imaginations and individual thinking. [Editor's note: I think this is actually a really cool explanation for the band's name]

SD: Who are your musical influences?
JM: I always loved post rock music I am highly influenced by: Explosions In The Sky, This Will Destroy you, and If These Trees Could Talk. Other main influences consist of: Circa Survive, The Sound Of Animals Fighting, Minus The Bear, Brand New, and Glassjaw. 

SD: What was your favorite show you’ve played so far?

JM: All of our hometown shows have been amazing. Anytime Life After TV has played at Morgan Gentry’s or Ringside Bar, we get a really great crowd in there. The best part is playing with and in front of all our close friends/family. When everyone dances along or engages with us while we play, it makes it that much more fun.

SD: What is your dream venue or festival to play?

JM: I’d have to say Bonaroo, but if I am being honest, I just don’t necessarily like festival scenes from an audience member standpoint. I prefer more intimate show settings. I do love the artists that typically would play that festival, so I’d have to say sharing the stage with anyone at Bonaroo, and also Red Rocks, would be a huge honor and a lot of fun.

What's it like finally putting out a debut EP??

JM: Relieving and nerve-racking all the same time. Being able to release something into the world that you’ve been working on and perfecting for so long is a huge weight off of our shoulders. Meanwhile, sharing something you put your heart into is really hard because it puts you in this vulnerable state of letting people see behind the curtain. What if they hate it? It’s hard not to take it personally. I have always sought out criticism because it makes me work harder, but positive feedback is clearly favored. I always love to hear why someone likes something I have wrote or what it reminded them of. Seeing where the connection point is is very cool.


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