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Kim Gordon is one of those effortlessly cool girls that we all wish we could be. She was, as her memoir suggests, a "Girl in a Band," but she was also so much more than that. She was a front woman who held her own - and more - amongst the boys.  Born in New York and raised in Los Angeles, she grew up full of creativity.
The magic truly began in 1981 when she formed Sonic Youth with Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo. In a rock 'n' roll fairytale world, Kim and Thurston got married a couple of years later. In the early 90s, the band experienced their most mainstream success. Much later on, Kim and Thurston split up...but let's not talk about that. 
Her gritty vocals and loud bass playing were iconic, but so was her style. The ironic thing is, she didn't see herself this way. In her memoir she confesses, "In retrospect, it’s ridiculous that anyone saw me as a fashion icon, since all I was trying to do was dumb down my middle class look by messing with my hair.” Well Kim, it worked.

Plus, we can't forget that Kim actually had a clothing line with a stylist back in the 90s called X-Girl, which was, of course, a rebuttal to an all male streetwear line. Kim's lucky daughter Coco got Kim's hand-me-downs, and gets the chance to rock some of the amazing clothes she wore in her 80s/90s hey day. 

Aside from Sonic Youth and X-Girl, Kim has had other projects from modeling for Marc Jacobs to other musical groups Free Kitting and Body/Head, amongst others. Kim is now 62, and still rockin' it. 


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