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Who says binge watching isn't educational!? As we mentioned earlier on our blog, we have a serious Netflix addiction. I watched the entire series of iconic Sex and the City in just over a month. No, I am not embarrassed. I learned a lot from Carrie's experiences, and I couldn't stop watching mainly because of how relatable the show is. Especially as New Yorkers, we can all unite and bond over common woes relationship problems, career problems, health problems, and so on. Every group of friends has a Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and a Samantha. They all have their fair share of womanly wisdom to share, but right now, we're gonna focus on some of Carrie's best moments. 

1. When she was out of the city and ordered greasy fast food from a drive through... and attempted to get a fancy cocktail on her way out. If only. Definitely not part of the dollar menu.
2. When a friend suggests that Carrie shop online instead of in stores, but she simply won't have it. I mean, I get it. Shopping is my only cardio...along with running to catch the subway.
3. When she realized that sometimes anti social club is the best club. You know those nights where you just want to treat yourself to some "me time?" Don't be afraid to say. "No," for a change. Take if from Bradshaw. She learned it the hard way.
4. When she knew what the most important thing was when it came to apartment hunting: closet space. Hey, your clothes need a nice place to sleep, too. 

5. And finally, when she learned and vocalized one of the most important life lessons of all.


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